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For the meat lovers

Welcome to DYLANS. A culinary hotspot in Noordwijk aan Zee. You will find DYLANS in the Alexander Hotel. The loveliest encounters take place here during cocktail hour. Locals and hotel guests gather at the bar. A group of friends have dinner at the long table. A couple read the newspaper in the lounge. You may find someone connecting a laptop on one of the round tables for a meeting and a drink. Feel welcome and at home at DYLANS.

The very best meat
But that’s not all. DYLANS is famous for its meat. Pure and good quality meat. The Porterhouse
Steak, tenderloin in salt crust and the DYLANS Steak, you just have to taste it!

The love for and craft of the very best meat is in our genes. The founder of the Alexander Hotel, Mr. Balk Senior, was born as the son of a famous quality butcher in the Bulb Region. Dylan, the youngest generation of the Balk family, is therefore continuing a tradition of over 80 years. DYLANS has a Passion for Grilling. Many of the dishes are prepared on the Josper Grill Oven with 100% charcoal,
which gives you the meat a delicious full taste.

Prefer something else?
Although, we  like to talk about our delicious meats. We also have very tasty fish and vegetarian dishes.